The City Inn Palace Hotel Briefing

The City inn Palace Hotel through it’s 18 years journey has kept on It’s solid standards and reputation, This intimate Boutique hotel has made and continues to make a huge impact on the status of the tourism, government and private sectors businesses and events . The hotel is very famous in the distinct of Ramallah and west bank, and in the region, what people always love about is its authentic smple desgin;easy to accsess any of its facilities, It' lobby relaxing and claming atmosphere and decor make you feel a way from the city daily noises, and the special home made style of food that we serve with a signature, the hotel staff is the most qualified in the country, most of them speak good to perfect English and they are professional in their jobs, they will welcome you with a smile and will wait your coming back as being part of their family . Since December 2014, the hotel has been under the management of the Orient company which has taken the responsibility to develop the hotel facilities and members in order to remain on the top of the industry trends and competition and to keep the hotel features and services up to date in terms of renovating its rooms, the restaurants and the Halls

We would love to have you stay with us to experience our generous hostpitality