Al-Bireh & Ramallah ★ Summer Residence

Ramallah & Albireh are (830 - 880 meters or 2723 - 2887 ft.) above sea level which allows the breeze from the sea distanced 16 KM air measurements make the weather pleasant.

The climate in Ramallah & Albireh is the Mediterranean climate.  In winter, the town is subject to the rainy south western winds and sometimes to the dry but cold north eastern winds. 

In general, the temperature in winter rarely drops to 32 F or 0 C.  During the summer, it hardly increases above 95 F or 35 C.  It can be said that the average annual temperature varies between 44-77 F, or 5-25 C.

At the end of the Summer and beginning of Fall, warm winds blow into town and speed the end of the grape and fig season.
In general, the climate in Ramallah & Albireh is refreshing in the Summer, and warm in winter which made life in it an active one.  When an individual views the Western side of Ramallah standing in “Batn El Hawa”, one can see the sea with the sun going down. 

What increase the beauty of the town are the blooming flowers on its hills in January, and February with its strong scents.  Many types of flowers grow on the hills of Ramallah & Albireh all year around.

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