The Orient Hotel Management Company

The City inn Palace through it’s 15 years journey has kept on It’s good standards and reputation , Since the beginning of 2015 , The hotel has been under the Orient Management company which has deep international experience in the hospitality fields and industry, since then we have adapted the strategy toward renovating the hotel rooms, halls, and restaurants, modern laundry facility, adding more facilities, full branding, and developing the palace features and members.

we are working to improve the City Inn Palace services by providing the finest cuisines, supplying the ballrooms with the latest technology devices and signed long term agreement with one of the leading information technology companies in Palestine Net-Zone, we installed OPTIMA Hotel Software used by 5 stars hotels to handle our 3 years hospitality plan and sales strategies, taking the rooms services to the highest levels and to offer a great promotions for your formal and personal occasions that will definitely have your admiration.

Currently, we have achieved improvements that made our clients pleased from us, In March 2015, the halls were fully booked most of the month and the occupancy of the rooms have increased by 30% compared to the past years .

We would love to welcome you visited or stayed at our hotel to witness what have been achieved so far, we aim to have your satisfaction, so please make us hear your opinions.

Best Regards,

Ghassan Fares

Managing Director
The Orient Management Company

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